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Here are some tips on outfits that compliment all body types.

A boudoir shoot does not have to be provocative or too revealing. You can choose items that make you feel sexy and that you are comfortable in. 

Here's a list of the best items that you can bring along to your shoot:



  • A loose fitting, plain Tee

  • Your favorite set of lingerie

  • A set of black lingerie (bra & undies)

  • A one piece; this can be lingerie or clothing, short or long sleeve

  • An oversized button up shirt 

  • A G-string

  • Crop Tops, long or short sleeve

  • High waisted jeans 

  • High Waisted Panties 

  • Silky, sheer or lacy gowns make for beautiful props

Tip: Black, White, Grey and neutral colours compliment all skin tones.