Warm up your winter with a fiery boudoir shoot

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

In winter we tend to cover ourselves in layers in order to hide away from the cold. What better time than now to remove all those layers and embrace your body. Emerge from under the blankets and out of your fluffy jersey, after a few warm up shots wearing it, and unleash your inner fire and sensuality.

On the plus side, because it's wintertime, you probably don’t have any tan lines or sunburn. This means that your skin is the perfect canvas to drape whatever you want over it, without worrying about covering up sunburn or tan lines. Embrace your lighter hues in winter, this is the more natural you! If you personally prefer being tan for your shoot, say hello to self-tanner or a spray tan! (Be sure to book this a few days prior to your shoot). These options are easily accessible and will give you that boost of confidence and glow you desire.

A few benefits of a winter shoot include:

- No sunburn or harsh tan lines.

- Less redness in your skin or inflammation (if you are sensitive to hot weather).

- Got the goosies? This is actually a huge benefit and will add that extra sultry element to your shots.

- Winter clothing such as long sleeve crop tops paired with a pair of cute bottoms = perfect combo.

- A cooler environment means no uncomfortable sweat to interfere with your hair or make-up, #winning

There’s also just something about the lighting in winter, it’s romantic, it’s moody, it’s sexy and it’s sultry. Think bed shots with fluffy blankets, window shots with raindrops falling on the glass behind you, you snuggled up next to your fireplace in your partner’s button up shirt, the options are endless. The days may be shorter but the low aspect of the sun means beautiful lighting all day long. Luckily, our boudoir shoots are all indoors and can take place in a cozy, sunny bedroom in the comfort of your own home.

Just because it's winter doesn’t mean you can’t strip down and have some sultry fun in your favourite underwear and sweats. Warm your winter up with some fiery shots of you owning the season. Treat yourself, you deserve it!

We are running a 25% off winter special on our Belle package this July 2020. Be sure to book your spot before our offer ends.

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