The Seasons are changing and so are our package offerings

The renewal of life is never more noticeable than in the spring. This change in the season is an enchanting time for Boudoir photography. Nature thaws into a colour-dripped landscape and waits for its beauty to be captured. Doing an outdoor Boudoir shoot allows me to capture your natural beauty along with the natural beauty of your surroundings. We have decided to add a whole new package for those who prefer to flolick in nature with bare feet and flowers in their hair.

Let’s take a look at why the new season is a good time to do an outdoor boudoir shoot.

No more hibernation

The best part of summer is that it’s an excuse to get outside after being cuddled up inside during winter. Spring is the perfect time to do an outdoor Boudoir shoot as it’s not too hot but it’s not too cold either.

Say Hello to longer days

Spring & summer welcomes differences in light and every day we are given more daylight. This allows more opportunity to capture the golden tones of light against your skin and adds dimensions to your shots.

There are patterns all around you

With spring comes a new and fresh surrounding. Doing your Boudoir shoot outside allows me to use the patterns of our surroundings in your shots as some unique patterns and textures are created.

Embrace the colours

One of the biggest changes that occur between winter and spring are changes in our surroundings. When all of the flowers and trees start blooming, its like a breath of fresh air after winter. New blooms and their vibrant colours completely transform the frame of a photo, which adds so much life to your Boudoir shoot. Just think a beautiful background of brightly coloured flowers and you in subtle coloured lingerie - Gorgeous!


Spring is all about the transition between winter and summer and as the days get longer and lighter, there are also more shadows. This allows us to play around using shadows in your Boudoir shoot and can add a moodiness to your shots.

When people think of a Boudoir shoot, the first thing that comes to mind is the bedroom. However, the bedroom or inside is not the only setting for a Boudoir shoot. Doing your shoot outside adds a completely different atmosphere to your shoot and a different approach to the stereotypical Boudoir shoot. Outdoor boudoir photography brings out the untamable and natural beauty of the elements. The outdoors becomes our canvas and we can use the elements to display you in all of your sexiness.

We will be releasing our new mini-session for outdoor shoots soon, watch this space.

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