Self Love Studio Sessions; The Experience

Are you wanting to book your self love session but you're still a bit unsure?

Booking a boudoir session is not a spur of the moment decision. It takes courage and research to find your 'perfect fit' photographer who you feel you will be most comfortable with and who's work you admire. At the end of the day, when you are feeling your utmost best and most comfortable, it will show through in your images.

Hair & Makeup: Riseup Makeup by Lauren Bruce

How our sessions work:

Firstly, if you have reached the point of reading this, then congratulations! I am so glad you are here and investigating a boudoir experience. This is a big step for your self love journey.

I am here to help you feel more at ease about this experience and to explain how we work.

Once we have been in touch, you have viewed and selected the package you prefer and booked your session date; I keep in touch with you via email with my go-to list on what to bring. I also send tips on how to prepare so that you can take some time to prepare and not feel like a deer in the headlights when it comes to the day of your session.

I then send a separate online questionnaire a few days prior to your session. This is a fun, light hearted questionnaire (nothing too serious), which will give me some insight into your comfort levels and is a bit of fun leading up to your session - I know the nerves can be overwhelming so this also helps you to relax a bit and look forward to your shoot.

Lastly, I will send you a mail with our address, because it's kinda top secret at the moment to keep things private and exclusive.


Rise and shine beautiful! It's time for a life-changing experience.

When you arrive and park, I will ask you to pop me a message and I will come and meet you and show you to the studio.

You will then be introduced to our stylist for your pampering and offered a drink of choice.

Hair & Makeup: Riseup Makeup by Lauren Bruce

We then pop on some tunes of your choice and get to know one another. Hair and make-up is a huge help to calm the nerves and feel more comfortable. We also briefly discuss your outfits of choice as this can help decide a make-up look. Each lady's make-up is unique to her - so we don't use a copy & paste look on anyone. We want you to give your input too and let us know what makes you feel amazing.

Once you are ready for the camera, your stylist will leave and then we get started... Take a deep breathe, it really isn't so bad, I promise. I will let you know which outfit to get dressed into and will leave you to change in private.

This is where the fun starts! I will talk and show you the fundamentals of posing that are pretty standard throughout the session. From then on, it's me showing you, step by step, what to do with your body, hands and facial expressions.

After a quick warm up (which I do with every client) you will have the hang of it - trust me!

The rest of the session is all about having fun, relaxing and seeing yourself in a different light. I will give you a few sneaks of my screen too to encourage you.


As soon as you leave, I head back to my office to backup your images and upload them to my editing platforms. Editing takes 14 days (maximum) as I pride myself on a quick turnaround time.

Editing involves adding a natural punch to the colour and skin tones and basic retouching such as removing bruises, bites, marks caused by clothing. Anything unnatural, basically.

Once your edits are ready, I send them in an online album with a download pin. Voilah!

Your comfort and trust is priority to me! No photos are shared without written consent to do so. Once you receive your images you will be able to decide if you want all, some or none shared.

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