Props to add a special and unique element to your boudoir shoot

Discovering your inner beauty and sensuality comes so easily with a Boudoir photoshoot, where

you are the centrepiece of a stunning portfolio devoted to the confidence inside yourself.

Boudoir photo shoots really help you explore outside of your comfort zone and allow you to

discover new things about yourself.

When people think about their shoot, the first thing they think about is “What will I wear?”. The

first thing that comes to mind is lingerie, of course, but what if you had props to show off your


When we think props we automatically think cheesy, but there are subtle ways to bring in props

that reflect your personality and show more into who you are as a person.

Yes, I know what you are thinking, “What props does one use?”. Well, let’s take a look!

Fishnet stockings

Channel your inner mischievous side and throw on some fishnet stockings for your boudoir

shoot. They instantly provide you with an edgy and sexy look. Fishnet stockings are also super

flattering on all body types because they are made out of stretchy material. Just ensure that you

get the right size so that they don’t dig into your skin and make you feel uncomfortable.

Items for or from your Wedding Day

Whether you’re about to get married or are married, wearing items from your wedding day

during your boudoir shoot is a sexy, romantic way to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

Boudoir shoots sporting your bridal accessories make for a perfect pre-wedding gift or

anniversary gift for your partner, so think about bringing these bridal boudoir props to your


- Garter

- Wedding lingerie

- Wedding Robe

- Shoes

- Wedding jewellery


Sky-high heels and your favourite lingerie is always a winning combination. Wearing high heels

definitely adds something a little extra to your shots, it also makes your legs look amazing which is just a bonus.

Favourite pair of sneakers

Not every woman loves stilettos, some woman prefer to rock sneakers. Matching your favourite

sneakers to your lingerie makes for a sexy shot that shows you in your element. What could be

better than posing in lingerie in your favourite comfy sneakers?

Your partners favourite tie

Wearing your partners favourite tie will incorporate a personal touch to your shoot. It will show

him that you were, in fact, thinking about him and how to personalize your shoot for not only

yourself, but for him as well. It definitely adds a playful yet sensual side to your shoot that your man will love.


Eyewear is so in right now. Whether you wear them for reading, working or it is simply an essential item you use daily, glasses can be zhooshed up from yawn to yay! They bring the attention to your facial features and can be framed elegantly by your hair.

Steaming cup of coffee

If you are someone who’s day revolves around coffee, why not bring your favourite mug and

favourite coffee along with you? We can style shots with a warm cup of coffee making for a sexy

yet casual shot.


Scrunchies are a massive hype at the moment. You can pretty much find a scrunchie in any

design or colour you desire. They are such a fun and playful prop to add to your shoot, it makes

for the perfect casual ‘girl next door’ look. It is also a fun way to show off your personality.


Are you someone that finds themselves getting lost in the kitchen, constantly cooking up a

storm? Why not incorporate that side of you in your shoot? Your partner would know how much

time you spend in the kitchen, so sport your apron and nothing else for a sexy kitchen shot.

If you can’t think of any props that hold any meaning to you, wear an item of clothing that you love,

like a denim jacket with custom embroidery. We all have that one item in our closet that has meaning to us. Boudoir photography props don’t have to be expensive or complicated. Props are a personal choice and can add a really special and unique element to your session.

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