Introducing Maternity Boudoir Portrait Sessions in Cape Town

Congratulations! You have a bun in the oven. Your body is doing amazing things. There's plenty of changes, a growing bump and hormones doing crazy things. For many women, it is a time when we feel most confident and beautiful.

So what is maternity boudoir?

It's pretty much the same as boudoir - the model is photographed in lingerie, naked or with very light clothing. except now you are highlighting the beauty of pregnancy and your new curves.

When to do it?

Each week of pregnancy is super exciting as you watch your belly grow. The best time to plan your shoot is when your bump is nice and round and visible which, for most women, is around the 30 to 34 week period. You also want to still be comfortable enough to move about with ease.

Why do it?

This is one of the most incredible things you will go through as a woman. Maternity boudoir captures this beautiful phase in your life.

Can my husband join?

After all, it took two to tango and dad to be should feel special too! Hubby can join in for a few special shots with mama towards the end of the shoot.

Let's do it! Book your beautiful maternity boudoir session here.

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