How to prepare for your Boudoir Shoot

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

When preparing for your Boudoir shoot, you can feel quite overwhelmed. What will I wear, how will I look, what should I take with me, what preparation do I need to do? Gosh, the questions end up running rampant through your mind! This is the exact reason why I have made a break down of a few easy steps to take when preparing for your Boudoir shoot.

You do you Boo

Bring something meaningful and special to you or your significant other. This is such a great way to personalize your boudoir shoot. This could be anything like your favourite bracelet, special lingerie given to you from your partner, your go-to sneakers or even an item of clothing.

Sitting pretty

During the week before your Boudoir shoot, do all the things that make you feel the most confident. This is the perfect time for some self-care! Chop those split ends off, cover up the grey hairs that drive you wild, touch up your roots or even go for a hair treatment. If waxing is your mode of hair removal, go wild! Just ensure that this is done a week before your shoot, we don’t need any red, rash ridden skin in your photos.

Paws & Claws

Your entire body will be on full display, including your hands and feet. What better time to treat yourself to a mani-pedi combo at your favourite spa? This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so if you prefer the au natural look then just groom your nails the way you normally would.

Vitamin D

I know we need the sun for Vitamin D and I know you probably feel like you need a tan, but please don’t get sunburned before your shoot. While a tan will be lovely in photos, red, blotchy skin is not really ideal. If anything, one can go for a spray tan or use a spray tanning product at home. My only advice when doing this is to make sure you have used the product before, you don’t want to be a giant cheesy puff for your shoot.

It’s fashion darling!

You'll want to wear loose-fitting clothing to your boudoir shoot. This prevents any indentations from the elastic on your skin when it comes time for your photos. Select lingerie for your shoot that makes you feel sexy and comfortable. This doesn't necessarily mean you need to only wear lingerie. Think about how you feel in your favourite pair of sneakers, your comfiest bra, your highest heels or your old beaten up jeans you live in. What makes you feel incredible?

Play around with your Accessories

Trying to be sexy while wrapping accessories around parts of your body can feel kind of awkward. This is going to sound crazy, but practice being sexy with your accessories before your shoot. Play around with the accessories you plan on bringing before the time and figure out what makes you feel the most comfortable.

What’s in your bag?

Get all your goodies ready a few days before your boudoir shoot. This will give you time to pack all the things you need without forgetting anything. Something to consider is possibly packing in extras of everything, just in case.

Hydration station

Honey, you need to HYDRATE. Sufficient amounts of water during the week before your shoot is vital. This will leave your skin happy and glowy for your shoot. If you want to be extra hydrated try to avoid things that will dehydrate your skin like coffee and alcohol.


The last thing you want is to feel bloated during your boudoir shoot. I would suggest that you avoid all the foods that trigger bloating for the week before your shoot.


Keep your skin super moisturized, that includes face and body. About a week before your shoot, give yourself a really nice full body exfoliation, this will allow your skin to be smooth and supple for your shoot. This is the perfect time to get as much beauty sleep as possible, make sure you get your 8 hours if possible.

The most important thing to remember is to take a deep breath and enjoy the experience. This is a once in a lifetime type of experience, so take it by the horns and have fun with it.

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