Go Pro or No? Why a Professional Hair & Make-Up Artist is vital for your shoot

When planning your Boudoir photoshoot, the last thing on your mind is hair and makeup. Most of us do not think about what makeup we will use or how to do our hair until the last minute. Not all of us even wear makeup daily, let alone know how to apply it correctly. Also what is a curling iron even?

When we think about professional makeup, our minds jump to layers of makeup and feeling like a barbie doll. This is actually a terrible assumption, professional makeup can vary depending on you. When using professional makeup in your boudoir shoot, it allows you to feel pampered with an amount of make up you are comfortable with.

Even if you don’t wear much makeup day to day, and don’t plan on wearing much for your photoshoot, there are countless reasons to ensure that you have a professional hair and makeup artist on hand.

Let’s take a look at why it is important to have a professional for your shoot:

  • Makeup in person looks very different to make up on a photo - Makeup adds so much dimension to photographs, even if you’re not used to wearing much makeup. How makeup appears in photographs is significantly different and more obvious than how it appears when you wear it normally. It takes an artful and skilled eye to see the structure in ones face, and based on that use expert techniques to guarantee that beauty explodes in your photographs. A professional makeup artist will know exactly what products to use for your skin and how to apply them. They also know exactly how particular types of makeup will affect how the photographs turn out, as well as how light will affect the different makeup shades. You want the makeup, hairstyle and wardrobe to work with your face in symbiosis to create a full package for your photographs. A makeup artist’s job is to help make sure all these factors come together, in order to help create the best photographs and portray you in the best possible light.

  • Confidence - Utilizing a professional hair and makeup artist will make you feel more confident and at ease about your photoshoot. During your photo shoot, the goal is to have you be as relaxed as possible, because your demeanour will have an influence on the way your photographs turn out. Utilizing this service will allow you to have one less thing to worry about.

  • It’s an investment in yourself - You have already taken the plunge in deciding to do a boudoir shoot, why not have a professional make the experience that much better? A professional boudoir photoshoot has numerous benefits and in order to ensure that your shoot has the best outcome, it’s a no brainer to utilize a professional hair and makeup artist to be as certain as possible it turns out great! This shoot is an investment in yourself, you deserve it, so take the extra step and get the best experience out of your shoot.

  • Less editing - The more professional your hair and makeup is, the easier it is for me to edit your shots. Editing is a breeze, but the less there is, the more you will look like yourself. Less editing will allow you to feel more confident because the photographs you see will be the real you that’s slightly enhanced. My approach is to enhance what’s already there, not make you look like a completely different person, and that is the same approach of my hair and makeup artist.

  • Making memories - Doing a boudoir shoot is something you will remember forever, it’s an experience you will carry with you. Using a professional hair and makeup artist will only enhance your experience while you’re making memories. Time is so precious, so hiring someone to save you time, allow you to enjoy that time and make it memorable is an absolute win.

  • Lighting - Always remember that makeup for photoshoots is never quite captured the same way as is in real life. Consequently, your make up artist would apply more makeup for your photoshoot than you would normally apply for everyday life. Even if your goal is a subtle makeup look for your photos, one still needs to exaggerate the makeup that’s applied in order for it to show up correctly through the camera. When light bounces off of makeup, it changes the way it looks, it often makes it look less dramatic than it really is.

Having a boudoir shoot done is something you will remember forever, you will have the photographs forever and its generally a once in a lifetime experience - though most people don’t stop at one. It is so important for you to feel treated and pampered throughout your shoot. You need to feel confident and the most beautiful you’ve ever felt. This is why utilizing a professional hair and makeup artist is so important. It allows her to take full control of your look and take that pressure off of your shoulders. You will arrive for your shoot at ease knowing you will be pampered and taken care of. This experience is all about treating yourself, so go ahead and do it!

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