Debunking 10 Boudoir Shoot Myths

There are many misconceptions about boudoir photography and what it's all about, I am here to debunk 10 of those common myths about the genre.

1. I need to lose weight first.

Firstly, there is no such thing as a “perfect figure”. This is the most common excuse women have when considering to book a boudoir shoot. Your shoot is about so much more than just the shape and size of your body. As a photographer it is my job to make you feel comfortable in your own skin, in order to capture all the quirks that make you, YOU. Besides, expert posing, lighting, lens choice, wardrobe, and image composition will enhance all your best features and flatter your body. Your size does not define you, so don't let it stop you from throwing yourself out of your comfort zone. Every single person has flaws and insecurities about their body. Boudoir photography is about using your body to create art that showcases the curves and lines that make you a woman. So, embrace the body that you have now, you are beautiful just the way you are.

2. I'm too old for a Boudoir shoot.

There is a level of confidence and sensuality that can only come with age. You might not be as toned as you once were, but that's the beauty of it. Ageing is something to be celebrated, so why not celebrate yourself with a boudoir shoot. I will guide you through everything, from wardrobe selection all the way to finding your power pose. I focus on highlighting your best assets and capturing that inner fire that has only gotten stronger with age. Your age is as useless as the number on the scale when it comes to boudoir photography.

3. A Boudoir shoot is expensive.

I offer 3 different packages to suit your needs and your budget. You don’t have to break the bank to indulge in a Boudoir shoot. Think of it as an investment in yourself that will appreciate in value over time. You can't put a price tag on something that will empower you the way a Boudoir shoot will.

4. I don't really have anything sexy to wear.

Well, not wearing anything is definitely an option. Don't fixate on lingerie, the purpose of this type of shoot isn't about shopping or reinventing yourself, it's about empowering yourself in whatever makes you feel empowered. Look, i'm not saying don't shop, if you can go on a lingerie shopping spree then why not? Your photos should reflect who you are, what you like to wear and what you feel comfortable in.

5. Wouldn't it be arrogant?

The goal of a Boudoir shoot is to make you love the woman photographed the way you love other art pieces in your home. There's nothing arrogant about celebrating the beautiful woman that you are. You might not want to splash images all over your home, but there are ways to display them tastefully. You can keep an album, place them discreetly on a shelf, next to your bed or even hanging on the wall in your bedroom. At the end of the day these are your images to do with whatever you please. If hanging them all over your home does it for you then why not or if that's not for you then keep them discrete.? You do you boo.

6. My Pictures will be on the internet.

That couldn't be more false, these images are yours and I take your privacy very seriously. If you would like your images posted on my website I need 100% consent from you. Doing a Boudoir shoot is a very personal experience and you are in complete control of where your images exist after the shoot.

7. I don't have anyone to give it to.

I think a lot of women are under the impression that a Boudoir shoot is done for their partner as a gift. Yes, this is often the case, but these shoots become more of a gift for you than anything else. No partner? No problem! You don't need to give these images to anyone but yourself. Boudoir photography should always be for YOU. It is your body and your reason why you want to photograph yourself. Treat yo self!

8. I don’t know how to be sexy.

Most women don't know how to be sexy on purpose, and that is exactly what I love. My job is to showcase your absentminded ‘sexyness’ and your personal brand of sexy. I will coach you through everything and make the experience feel effortless. Come in with a few items of clothing and I will show you how sexy you already are. Every one of us is harboring a fierce goddess inside and my job is to unleash her!

9. I don't know how to do my own hair and makeup.

Luckily for you, you don't need to worry about that. Our professional hair and make up artist, Shani, is there to help you look incredible for your shoot. This service is included in your shoot package to allow for a pampered experience. Shani is there to accentuate your features and reflect your personal style.

10. Isn't a Boudoir shoot trashy?

When it comes to photography there are different styles of shooting. I describe my style as classy, moody and romantic. Showing a lot of skin is not what defines sexy and I don't expect you to strip down to your birthday suit. You can wear your cute PJ's or knitted jersey, whatever makes you feel most confident, because confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear. This is not a shoot to expose you, but to empower you and make you appreciate how amazing you are.

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