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Looking for a boudoir photographer Cape Town then you have come to the right place! Welcome to Boudoir By Kelly. We are an all women's team who focus on bringing out your inner self confidence and empowering women through beautiful boudoir photography. 

What is the point of boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography, also known as intimate portraiture is a genre that focuses on bringing about a change in the way you see yourself by having photos taken of yourself in lingerie. Sounds daunting, I know, but once you're here, it is an exhilarating experience! We want every woman, no matter what body type to feel comfortable, sexy and confident in their own skin.  Boudoir isn't for one type of woman, it's for every type of woman. It's about celebrating yourself–and when you see the photos, they should make you feel beautiful in every way. They are designed to allow you to look back at a particular time in your life where you were truly able to embrace EVERY inch of yourself.

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Reasons to do a boudoir shoot?

Each woman has their own reason as to why they want a lingerie shoot. It could be to boost the way you see yourself or to celebrate a milestone such as losing or gaining weight. It could be that you want something extra special and unique to gift to your partner or just because you want to! 

Shani, our pro hair & makeup artist will take care of your hair and makeup and I will help you to choose the best pieces from your wardrobe. We insist on having a pro do your makeup. Why? Because not only does it help you to relax and get to know us a little better, it also makes the world of difference to the way your photos turn out. Skin tone matching and knowing when there is just enough makeup to make you shine is what Shani does best!

How much does a boudoir shoot cost in Cape Town?

We have a variety of packages to suit your budget. This is a bucket list experience that we want every woman to have. Our packages include 1 to 2 hours of shoot time, unique to you professional hair & makeup that will highlight your natural beauty, a beverage of your choice and professional posing guidance and direction from me, your photographer. Feel free to view our packages here.

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Lingerie Photographer Cape Town

What should a boudoir photographer look like?

Eight Things You Should Look For When Selecting A Boudoir Photographer Cape Town

  • Know the location. 

  • Choose someone who makes you feel comfortable.

  • Really look at the photographers  work and see if you like the style.

  • Price: You probably don't want to price shop on something you put this much preparation into and that will last the rest of your life.

  • Experience:  Does this photographer specialize in boudoir? With boudoir photography more experience is always better.

  • Privacy:  Some photographers require you to sign a contract before the shoot. It's a good idea to know in advance if this is required and what it says.

  • Gender:  Do you prefer a male or female photographer? Will the photographer be working with an assistant? We have an all-female staff at the glamour/boudoir shoots.

  • Reviews:  Nothing tells the truth like the personal experiences of others. You can read our reviews here.

What is boudoir modeling?

What is Boudoir Photography? The word boudoir is French, and it refers to a woman's private dressing room. It's an intimate place that she has all to herself. ... Fashion models are professionals who have done this a million times, but with boudoir, you are posing subjects who have likely never done it before.

Boudoir by Kelly is a discreet photographer who specialises in boudoir photography, for all shapes and sizes. She's based in Cape Town, South Africa.

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What happens next?

You are welcome to have a 1-on-1 consultation with me over a cup of coffee or online to discuss your session. Once you have booked your boudoir shoot date, you will receive a guideline on what outfits to bring and a short, fun online questionnaire that helps me get to know you a little better. When you arrive for your shoot, we take a look at your outfit selection and then decide in which direction your make up look will go to compliment your lingerie.

Once you are pampered, we begin your shoot with some easy poses to get you used to the camera and, voilah! 


I then select the very best from your session and edit them to perfection with a variety of colour and black and white images. 

At Boudoir by Kelly, we we want to celebrate your beauty with you. Boudoir photos have become popular among women as a pre-wedding or anniversary gift to their husbands; an empowering boudoir shoot to celebrate milestones like weight loss, childbirth or confidence. Not sure what Boudoir Photography is, or if it’s even for you? Let’s talk about what it is first: it is a photographic style featuring intimate, romantic and sexy portraits and body scapes for the private enjoyment of the subject and his or her romantic partner. We have been listed as one of the best Boudoir Photographers in South Africa.

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Spoil yourself or a special someone with a beautiful printed album of your boudoir session. I offer albums as an add-on. These albums are 20x30 layflat wibalin albums that are black. The cover can have a custom message. They come packaged in a discreet black box for privacy. They have 20 pages (10 back and front).


I assist in the design, approval and communication with the printers so that you can sit back and relax.

I also collect your album personally due to the nature of the contents.