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Cape Town Boudoir Photographer
Welcome to Boudoir By Kelly. I am a Cape Town Boudoir Photographer with a passion for creating empowering intimate portraits for women. 

We are an all women's team who focus on bringing out your inner self confidence through our self-love sessions. 

Our natural light studio is a safe space for you to relax and have a fun experience. All bodies are welcome!

Cape Town Boudoir.jpg
Cape Town Boudoir Photographer
Cape Town Boudoir Photographer


Boudoir photography, also known as intimate portraiture is a genre that focuses on bringing about a change in the way you see yourself by having photos taken of yourself in lingerie. Sounds daunting, I know, but once you're here, it is an exhilarating experience! We want every woman, no matter what body type to feel comfortable, sexy and confident in their own skin.  Boudoir isn't for one type of woman, it's for every type of woman. It's about celebrating yourself–and when you see the photos, they should make you feel beautiful in every way. 

My name is 

and I am so glad you are here! I am the creative and face you see behind the camera. I am on a mission to help YOU feel beautiful in your body, no matter your shape or size.

I am here to help you improve and boost your confidence by leading you each step of the way during this unique experience. 

This is a safe space that honors all women. I look forward to meeting you! 




"Kelly is a true artist. From start to finish she made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Going in the nerves were real! Kelly made me feel beautiful and guided me throughout the shoot, showing me some of the shots as we went along, which really encouraged me. Looking at the final photo's I can't believe that is me!"

Mrs Anonymous

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a boudoir session?

Fill in the contact form below and I will get back to you within 48hrs. Once you have decided on a package and selected a date for your session, I will send you my contract and invoice. A 50% deposit  secures your booking.

How long does a session take?

Packages range from 1 hour to 4 hours if hair and makeup is included. Be sure to set enough time aside based on your chosen package. 

Do you supply lingerie?

No. Lingerie is very personal to each women and everyone's taste in what they like is different. Some may want a bridal, romantic effect, while others want a more vixen look - it all depends on you. 

What if I don't want my images shared online?

Your comfort and trust is priority to me! No photos are shared without written consent to do so. Once you receive your images you will be able to decide if you want all, some or none shared.

Will you photoshop me?

The point of my sessions is to help you love yourself as you are. I do basic retouching, which removes things like bruises or harsh lines caused by your lingerie on your skin. Besides this, it's all you babe!

Should you wish to have anything more edited, a fee will be charged for additional retouching.

How long do my edits take?

Please allow a maximum of 14 days for editing. I usually work around the clock to get them to you before this timeframe though ;)

How does printing work?

Printed items are an option as an add-on to any of our packages. Albums and folio boxes are printed by a trustworthy external company who I have been working with for 3 years. I do not add any additional fee's over and above what they charge for these items.


I handle the process of designing your album and approving it with you before sending to the printers. 

Printing takes 10 days so please bear this in mind if you would like to gift it to someone special by a particular date.

I collect your items personally. Delivery is not included in your package fee.


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