Cape Town Boudoir Photographer

Miss M

"This was an amazing experience for me!!! A friend gifted me with a boudoir for my 40th, to be honest I didn’t even have a clue of the boudoir.....assumed it’s a photo shoot until engagements with Kelly on what to bring OMG I panicked. To my surprise, the experience on the day was life-changing, fulfilling and made me feel sexy. I sooo love the pictures, Kelly made me feel at ease during the entire experience.....from make-up to first outfit until I was ready to put on my sexiest items. Thank you so much ladies for the experience."

Miss T

"I would really like to sincerely thank you for the great experience during the shoot. It was so much fun. From making the booking, the details and the shoot itself was a very pleasant experience. 


You are very professional and helped greatly with making me feel at ease and very comfortable which helped a whole lot. I would highly recommend the experience to all ladies out there as it is a lot of fun and helps with confidence.


Thank you also to Shani for the hair and make up which also added to the confidence and comforting feeling.


You truly are amazing. The photos are very tasteful and well worth it."

Cape Town Boudoir Photographer

Miss N

"Gifted myself with a shoot for my 30th birthday. Kelly was very professional in our chats leading up to the shoot and also very professional during the shoot. I got to choose what music I wanted to listen to during the shoot which was a pleasant surprise and made me relax.


She was very sweet and made me feel beautiful and comfortable in my skin. I was a little nervous about being her first black client because of the racial bias that exists in photography and while she'd never had a black client the final product showed me that she knew the right way of photographing black people. I love my pictures and so does everyone who's seen them! She's really good at what she does! I'm happy with my pics and really enjoyed the shoot itself!"

Miss v.d L

"I have been wanting to do a boudoir shoot for a long time, but never really dared to do it for real. From the moment I contacted Kelly, throughout the shoot, she made me feel very comfortable. The pictures turned out beautiful. Definitely would recommend booking this shoot with Kelly!"

Cape Town Boudoir Photographer

Mrs Procter

"My experience with Kelly was amazing!

So professional and made me feel so comfortable.. I'm blown away with my images. I am mom of two and I did not think I could look and feel sexy but she did the job."

Mrs A

Wow!! I'm in tears, I'm shocked. Is this really me? I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this experience. I'm in awe. The photoshoot I've experienced with Kelly was amazing. From the hair, to the make up. Kelly was very professional and very helpful during the shoot. I would recommend it. Take that leap and let Kelly and her team capture your sexiness.."


Mrs R

Cape Town Boudoir Photographer

My experience with both Kelly and Shani was really great. From my first enquiry Kelly made my photoshoot a priority, and really showed a real interest in what it is that I have in mind for the shoot! What I enjoyed most about the experience is her friendly and 'natural' no pretense nature it made me feel comfortable and relaxed, it was really just a fantastic overall experience, she wants the photos to turn out just as beautiful as you can only imagine they would- and the photos did turn out so beautiful, capturing this very special gift perfectly.

I am not one who enjoys being the centre of attention or having pictures taken of me so I was definitely quite nervous. I was worried that I would look awkward and feel uncomfortable the whole time, but it was quite the opposite, Kelly guided me through all the poses and I did not feel uncomfortable for a second! She is really great at her profession and you can feel the passion that she has for it from beginning to end! I would highly recommend Kelly if you have a boudoir shoot in mind, look no further! 

Miss Lee

"What an incredible experience. I have never done any type of photo shoot before and I was quite nervous but Kelly made me feel super comfortable and relaxed about the entire experience."


Miss Hiten

"From the minute I arrived at my shoot, Kelly made me feel so welcome, confident and comfortable!
Shooting with Kelly was so fun and easy, she choreographed the whole shoot and everything was seamless! Not to mention the photos are beyond incredible! Thank you Kelly and team, you are AMAZING!"

Miss Strauss

"This was such an empowering experience. Kelly knows just how to make you feel comfortable and so beautiful."


Miss Bedford

"Kelly is phenomenal! Her attention to detail and the comfortable environment she creates makes her highly reputable. Thank you for capturing the most exquisite pictures - I absolutely love them and cannot wait to shoot with her again."